Monday, February 5, 2007

Heroes - Destroying Family Values

If your wife/SO has not yet watched NBC's Heroes do not let her!

My wife, Devan's wife, and Jeremy's finance all have some sort of a thing for that Hiro character. If your relationship has not yet been affected by this pandemic, protect yourself, and stay away from this awesome show.


  1. We just saw the episode when he comes back from the future, all dressed in ninja black with that sword on his back, talking all philosophical... This problem's only going to get worse...

  2. "...talking all philosophical…"
    Hey gentlemen, rather than curse the darkness, get with it. Read some books that aren't about code. Take some philosophy courses.

    On the same thread, start courting your SO again. Think of it... the thrill of the pursuit all over again. But this time it's a bigger challenge because they know you better.

    "...This problem’s only going to get worse…"
    Only if you do not heed and follow my suggestions, grasshopper. What the heck are you doing watching TV anyway?

  3. Peter:

    I think you would find that if you asked Devan, Ryan or I what kind of books we actually read, we'd all reply that the bulk of them had little or nothing to do with code. Even when dealing with aspects of software engineering, most of the topics I explore involve personal interaction. Those are the tricky bits.

    And besides, we're all being sarcastic. Maybe you are too; plain text is tricky to interpret some times.

  4. Sarcastic, I was. Also, I'm new to this blog, so nobody knows what to expect from me and my odd sense of humour. To a romantic weekend for all of us!

  5. Does playing scrabble and watching more Heroes count?

  6. Dude, just show his ass up at IL&M-style effects, and get to work hacking on Compiz. Clearly, that's what the ladies love.


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