Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Theatre Serves Beer

  • Green Thumb: Cherie and I planted assorted seeds outside next to our porch today. They should look better than dirt and trash when they are grown in.

  • Red Hat: Sent a patch to the yum devel list the other day. The patch basically did a bunch of stuff that had already been discussed on the yum lists, like Composite pattern for PackageSacks. While the patch has yet to be committed, it still feels good to give back to the community.

  • Fedora: I am now a Fedora Extras maintainer (for pwgen). Yes, it just so happens to be my employer's distribution of choice, but it is the distro I use (now, anyways).

  • Transportation: I walk to and from work most days, and plan on continuing that. I also plan on getting a car soon. Probably a Toyota Yaris.

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