Sunday, January 15, 2006

Possibly a Bad Generator Definition?

As I obliquely
alluded to
the other day, big things are happening. I'm resigning from my
as a software developer. Ms. Vissers and I are packing
up and leaving the province. The country, in fact. We're moving to
North Carolina.

I got a job at
Red Hat.

I'll be working as a software engineer on
Red Hat Network.
The product sounds interesting, and the technologies involved sound fun.
Oh yeah, and the develop on Linux ;)

I'm pretty pumped about it. Obviously it's a huge change, and I'll
miss everyone here very much, but it's also going to be very fun; kind
of an adventure.

One of the hard parts in the decisions was definitely leaving abridean.
There's a good bunch of people there, and I'll miss them.

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