Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Real-Life Mass Transit Horror Stories

Well, just one: On the way home today, the bus arrives at a stop,
and a girl begins to step down the stairs to the door at the back of
the bus. The door just won't open for her, and the bus begins to pull
away from the stop. The girl is livid.

"Stop the bus," she yells, "I'm trying to get off!"

The bus stops quickly, and the girl tries once again to get off
the bus. Still, the door won't open for her. Her anger rises even more.

"The door won't open for me!"

The girl backs away from the door, and begins to move to the front door. When she is out of the way, another woman steps down to the door, and opens it.

"You have to push on it to make it open," she says, and calmly walks out the door. The girl follows her.

I'm all for automation, but when we begin to forget how to do things on our own, or just expect everything to work without expending any effort, then something is wrong.

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