Thursday, July 7, 2005

Autonomic Pilot

I've become the new build monster master at work. This means
that I have to keep the nightly builds running, and watch for anything strange
happening during the unit and functional tests. Should anything peculiar
happen, I've got to either fix it myself, or find someone who can.
I will spare you my personal opinion on the effectiveness of assigning one
person to be the build master.

The other night, herk and I were talking
about my new role. Part of the previous build master's workflow included
coming in each morning, checking the build and test logs, and composing
an email summary of the results. The task is almost purely mechanical
repetition, so I've tasked myself with automating the process. When I told
herk about this, he said he had thought that the summary emails were
already generated automatically.

This reminds me of a certain t-shirt.

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