Sunday, June 12, 2005

No, I won't be wearing my GUADEC t-shirt

In the interest of total media saturation, I'm going to post here
an email I recently sent out:

Sorry for the late announcement, but here goes:

The short and sweet announcement (long and bitter follows):

This Monday, June 13, at 6:00 pm in teaching lab 3, the Dal-ACM will be
hosting a tutorial covering the ins and outs of working on a large
Open Source project, GNOME. The tutorial will probably last around 2
hours, and will cover such topics as:

  • software engineering and development tools use in the GNOME project

  • fundamental GNOME libraries

  • a GNOME geography lesson

  • Free software hacking for fun an profit

Don't forget your towel!

Long and bitter:

I'll be giving a revised and expanded version of the talk I did at GUADEC
2005. The talk will be a fast-paced wizz-bang overview of everything you
need to know about GNOME, rapidly devolving into a Q&A session, and
finishing up with discussion of GNOME bounties and google's summer of
code, for those of you who want some extra bling.

  • What GNOME is and why you (as a person and a programmer) should care
    about it.

  • Essential mailing lists and websites.

  • JHBuild, CVS, and the autotools; GNOME's magic infrastructure.

  • Event-based programming and the glib main loop.

  • Essential GNOME libraries.

  • standards, libraries, and applications.

  • And much, much more...

Admission is free, but your humble presenter always enjoys a bag or two of


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