Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dang, that's nasty

Mike was kind enough to
point out
the wikkid-cool new interface to the graduate course descriptions page.

After slapping my forehead a few times, laughing hysterically, having a stiff drink, then praying to God, I decided I had to take action. I created a stronger, faster, better than before version using javascript and css, viewable here.

My new implementation of the graduate course descriptions page
retains the hard to use ugly-as-sin interface of the current page, while
adding the following features:

  • Content stored in regular google-parsable html.

  • No flash, so linux/PPC users will be able to read the content

  • No flash, so the disabled can access the content via screen readers, etc

  • No flash, so non-english speakers can translate the page content.

  • No flash, so you can copy and paste the content.

  • The content is still viewable without CSS and javascript.

The javascript behind the thing is hacked up s5. The faculty is welcome to use this implementation of the graduate course description interface, completely free of charge!

Oh yeah, and Mike gets bonus points on his alpha geek status for relating the thing to a linked list rather than a slide show.

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