Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The rodent is out of the bag

It's official. Ubuntu Linux 5.04 aka. The Hoary Hedgehog was available on April 8.

The list price is $0 USD, but the educational canadian price is (also) only $0.00. And in case anyone is wondering why they should upgrade, a visit to the
Ubuntu Linux page should fill you in. However, I will list some of the highlights:

  • Free — Not only free of charge, but also in the sense of freedom. You can give Ubuntu to your friends and family without fear of criminal charges. You can alter Ubuntu in any way you see fit, and release those changes to the public.

  • Non-restrictive — Ubuntu runs on x86 and PPC machines, so you can pick the best choice of hardware for the job. With Ubuntu, there is no vender lock-in via hardware, or software.

  • Usable — No matter what your native language is, any disabilities you may have, or where you live, Ubuntu will work for you, under your terms.

  • Useful — The base Ubuntu install comes with an office suite, IM program, movie player, and so forth; all of the essentials. You don't have to purchase anything else.

  • Other updates include added features to the GNOME desktop, the Linux kernel, and your overall sense of ethical and social responsibility.

While I agree that this upgrade contains a lot of merit on its
own, I would say that the impoverished, lingual minority groups, and developing nations will benefit the most. An easy to install, usable, and completely Free operating system is pretty exciting.

Appologies to Colin.

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