Monday, April 11, 2005

Ook? Ook.

O'Reilly's codeZoo (aliases: CodeOrNot, RateMyHack)
last week. It's like
Version Tracker for
developers, which I think is long overdue. It's rare enough when you
find someone who isn't writing the 1.456e52th linked-list
implementation, let alone when you find someone actually using the
best tool for the job; I blame the universities for this. Hopefully, a
pretty corporate-backed website with a search feature, advertisements,
and links to the latest O'Reilly titles will remedy that problem.

ratings (and maybe the listing of the license) will be the best part of codeZoo,
once the site gains some momentum. Hopefully the site's admins will
cull some of the ratings' comments. "May be the best O/R tool." is not
useful; you already expressed that with your 5/5 rating.

Currently, codeZoo is focusing only on Java libraries. Java isn't
really my cup of tea (heh), though I have been thinking about doing a
few projects with it, just to try out some of the flash new libraries
available (especially some of the
Jakarta Commons bits). Plus, we all
have to keep our skill sets relevant, right? Maybe I'll find something
on codeZoo that really piques my interest. Or maybe they'll put some
python libraries on there first; either way is fine by me.

One has to wonder though: with all these software ratings sites
popping up recently, why hasn't DOAP gained more backing?

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