Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'd sell my freedom for a copy of GarageBand

Trent Reznor put out the
of 'the hand that feeds', from the forthcoming NIN album, with teeth, in
GarageBand format.
I'm a huge NIN fan (I stood in line down at Sam's
on Barrington on a Monday night until midnight, so I could get the
fragile when it was first released), so this makes me very excited.

On the other hand, I mix and compose music about as well as I play
sports (which is to say, horribly), so I think I can do without
playing with GarageBand, and just wait for the album to come out.

NIN has been around since 1989, so it makes you wonder. Do today's savvy goth kids still listen to NIN? You could be 14, trying to
express your dark and depressing inner self, and then find out that mom
used to listen to NIN. How lame.

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