Monday, March 14, 2005


I got a nice email from
Carol Cooke today,
one of the authors of
technogeekery for librarians.
She's a Librarian at the University of Manitoba, and is exploring what other Canadian Universities (and their libraries in particular) are doing with blogs, in the hopes of getting her University to adopt the technology. I
wish her the best of luck in this.

technogeekery for librarians is a pretty good read, and has been added to my
blogroll. I'd even go so
far as to suggest that the technogeekery it contains is also for
armchair librarians, and library enthusiasts.

In keeping with today's library theme, here are two Open Source
library/book management programs:

  • koha, an Open Source integrated library system.

  • mCatalog, a desktop application to catalogue films and books.

(Links via Davyd Madeley.)

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