Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yakuza Attack Dog

Saturday night I ate sushi and watched Gozu. It wasn't planned this way, but they worked well together.

Gozu is a pretty F'ed-up movie. It starts out as movie about a
Yakuza gang and quickly turns into something else entirely. Supposedly
its partly a tribute to David Lynch; its certainly just as bizzarre as
a Lynch film. I wouldn't say its a bad film, but when the audience is
desperately trying to infer some meaning from the film, and there's
none there at all, it can be frustrating. The best part of this film:
A man sorting through dozens of preserved and flattened Yakuza skins
(hung up on a dry-cleaner style rack), looking for a particular tattoo

The sushi was delicious.

Yesterday, I updated the Planet code for Planet Dal CS to the latest bleeding-edge version, since we're not looking for rock-solid stability, anyways. With the new code, Atom feeds are parsed much better, which is good. Also, we now have CSHeads for Henry and Jon.

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