Thursday, February 17, 2005

Will Somebody Please Think of the Children?!

Yes, Phil
and I will be installing Gentoo on his
lappy; that's his choice. For anyone else out there who's considering
using Gentoo, I'd recommend against it.

As the
Pragmatic Programmers point
out, Don't Repeat Yourself; this is just as true for repeating
someone else, as well. Another distribution (say,
Ubuntu), will provide you with
pre-compiled packages, saving you hours upon hours of time. Don't
concern yourself with USE flags and C flags; the small speedup you may
gain is counterbalenaced by the time you have to spend configuring and
compiling, and the headache it causes developers when you submit a bug
report saying you compiled with -OINT_MAX. If its absolutely necessary
for you to get that tiny speed increase for a critical application, every
other distribution will let you download and build a package from source,
as well.

If you worry more about the USE flags, and want to trim the fat
from a package, so to speak, by removing ARTS support and keeping
GStreamer support, invest your time in a way that will benefit more
than yourself. Add modularity to the package, so that these backends
can be shipped as seperate packages.

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