Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Who buntu? Ubuntu!

A man of his word, Mr. Johnston did in fact install
Ubuntu on his
computer. There were a few hick-ups along the way, but those can be
attributed to the fact that we used a beta-quality nightly build of
the install CD, and should not be held against Ubuntu.

Phil's laptop,
on the other hand, was an absolute
nightmare. Ubuntu, Fedora, Madrake, Gentoo... it Pwn3d them all. Only
Vidalinux actually installed
with a minimal level of hand-holding. Since it's really just a thin veneer
atop Gentoo (they don't even change the
portage sources, for chrissakes),
Phil can happily emerge away the rest of his life.

In Planet-related news: We're number one! I encourage everyone to
place a link to Planet Dal CS on their personal interwebs home-a-doodle,
so hopefully we
can creep up the google rankings for other permutations of 'Dalhousie
Computer Science', severely angering
Marc in the process.

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