Monday, February 28, 2005

A Shocking Tale of Lust and Betrayal: Apple and Me

Finally, after being in the shop for a solid month, I got my
laptop back today. Being a G3 iBook, it had suffered from the dreaded
ibook logic board
, and so the repair was covered by Apple, even though I
hadn't purchased the extended warranty
AppleCare™ for it.

This is the last straw. I've put up with plenty of crap from their
hardware, but frankly, the worst part is that there's only one lousy
company that services Apple products in Halifax, and Apple doesn't
have their own repair depot in Canada anymore.

Right here is where I put in a religious rant about selling one's
soul to Microsoft or Apple, and how FOSS software is the superior

So, the laptop's back, working, and has Ubuntu installed. Speaking
of which, if anyone wants to get my laptop and me a present (my
birthday's coming soon!), an Ubuntu
bumper sticker sure would look
nice on my iBook.

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