Friday, February 25, 2005

Bruitist Pome #5

On my list of things to do, right after 'write a
clone in C# / GTK#' is 'learn
followed closely by 'learn
rails'. So, I've been reading
Loud Thinking,
David Heinemeier Hansson's blog (the creator of RoR).

Today, DHH talks about this new RoR based site,
odeo. Odeo isn't live yet, but it looks
promising. The whole thing revolves around
podcasting, letting
people publish their own feed, or subscribe to feeds based on
folksonomies, like flikr or

I'm all for self-publishing and time-shifting. Even on the Internet, larger media organizations like slashdot are always a few days late when compared to
Boing Boing,
OSNews, or any Planet. Sure, you may have to sort through more items, but that's what the folksonomies are for.

Once its live, odeo should be a great place to get music, listen to opinion piecies on new Apple hardware, and hear
people describe last night's World of Warcraft adventures. Until the
RIAA tries to shut them down, that is.

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